Nordic Collection takes over Askja Reizen
in the Netherlands

Press Release
Londerzeel, Belgium, April 10, 2024

Scandinavia Specialist Nordic strengthens Position in the international travel market with acquisition of Askja Reizen

Nordic, a specialist in travel to Scandinavia, has just announced the acquisition of Askja Reizen. This acquisition fits into Nordic’s goal to further diversify and expand its range of travel options, offering enthusiasts of the High North even more opportunities to experience an authentic journey in Scandinavia. Alongside Askja Reizen, Nordic Collection, the overarching brand for Nordic, is also taking over VNC Asia Travel and welcomes the Icelandic company Go North as a new partner.

Increasing Market Share in the Netherlands

Askja Reizen, a respected name in the travel industry with a focus on Scandinavia and Iceland, recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Maarten Raes, founder and CEO of Nordic, sees the acquisition as a significant milestone: “The acquisition of a reliable and specialized travel organization like Askja Reizen is a logical step in our strategy to increase market share in the Netherlands and fits perfectly into our plans. Together, we aim to offer our customers a unique travel experience in the pristine nature of Scandinavia.”

Joining Forces

Hugo van Drie, director of Nordic in the Netherlands, will take the helm of 35 employees, working closely with Ilse Geerts, current CEO of Askja Reizen: “Our joint vision and focus on high-quality service and unique travel experiences make us perfectly complementary. By joining forces, we not only strengthen our position in the market but also increase the value we provide to our customers,” says van Drie.

Limited Impact for Nordic and Askja Customers

For existing customers of Askja Reizen, nothing will change. They can continue to rely on the quality, expertise, and personal service Askja is known for. In the near future, however, they will also benefit from Nordic’s extensive range and innovative approach, including the successful charter flights to winter Lapland and the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway.

Also Welcoming VNC Asia Travel and Go North

In addition to Askja Reizen, Nordic Collection, which Nordic is a part of, is also taking over VNC Asia Travel. This Asia specialist is a perfect addition to the portfolio of Nordic Collection, which previously added Beyond Borders, MyHimalaya, and FLY and BiKE. “The integration of VNC Asia Travel enriches our offerings with unique travel concepts in Asia. This aligns perfectly with our ambition to offer extremely unique and high-quality travel experiences,” explains Maarten Raes. “Nordic remains committed to providing unforgettable travel experiences in nature, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability.”

Furthermore, Nordic also welcomes Go North as a new partner. This local Icelandic DMC (Destination Management Company) has been active since 2010 and focuses on self-drive packages and special groups in Iceland. Go North will continue to operate alongside Nordic Collection. Unnur Svavarsdóttir, CEO of Go North, looks forward to the cooperation with Nordic: “This partnership will strengthen Go North as a local Icelandic DMC while we can maintain our creative and quality approach.”

Sander van Opstal and Eppo Steenhuisen are selling their shares in Askja and Go North Iceland to Nordic. The joining of forces will strengthen the position of both Nordic and Askja and Go North. “We are very pleased with it, it is the best possible match for both companies,” say Sander and Eppo. “There was a connection from the beginning.” These strategic acquisitions not only strengthen the presence of Nordic Collection on the international travel market but also underscore their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

About Nordic Collection

Nordic Collection is a leading player in the travel industry with a diverse portfolio of travel brands. Nordic, the largest brand within Nordic Collection, is the market leader in Belgium for Scandinavia trips. Nordic Collection also offers trips with the brands Galtic, MyHimalaya, FLY and BiKE, Wild Alaska, Canada Travel Designers, Atacama, and Beyond Borders. With a team of more than 100 passionate employees, Nordic Collection is active in the Flemish, Dutch, Walloon, and German markets, and they strive to provide travelers with unique and authentic experiences in nature and adventurous trips worldwide.

About Askja and VNC Asia Travel

Askja Reizen is named after Askja, an active volcano in Iceland. Iceland is the country where they organized their first trip in 1989. Askja Reizen is now the specialist for trips to Iceland in the Netherlands. Over the years, they have expanded their expertise to destinations with equally impressive nature.

VNC stands for Friendship Netherlands-China. 40 years ago, VNC was a China specialist, but over the years, (almost) all of Asia has become their specialty. The beating heart consists of a team of driven travel experts who put together the most fitting travel experience for the traveler.

About Go North

GoNorth, an Icelandic incoming agent founded in 2010 by Unnur Svavarsdóttir, Sander Van Opstal, and Eppo Steenhuisen, specializes in flexible, tailor-made travel programs throughout Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.