Sustainability at Nordic Collection

The path to a sustainable world

Across all Nordic Collection brands, we recognise that travel has an impact on the environment. That is why we are doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint. Read here what steps we are taking towards a more sustainable world.

CO₂ Compensation

For every trip with Nordic Collection, we calculate the CO₂ emissions of the chosen offer. Based on this calculation, we offset the CO₂ emissions through a number of sustainable projects. We do this with the certified organisation Climate Impact Partners. This way, we take responsibility for the environmental pollution caused by the tourism industry. Among others, we support a large-scale wind farm in Turkey and a small hydropower plant in China.

Sustainable Travel

We encourage our customers to travel as sustainably as possible and provide them with various tips on how to do so. That is how Nordic Collection contributes to making travel more sustainable. For example, the travel documents of the Scandinavian specialist Nordic are offered digitally via a practical travel app, which also contains the travel guides. This saves a lot of paper and printing!

Sustainable Partners

Our partners at home and at our destinations are an important part of our organisation. We enjoy working with partners who also have sustainability at the top of their priority list. That way, we encourage each other to continue to do the best we can and reduce our environmental footprint.

Internal Sustainability

Within our organisation, an internal project group deals with the issue of sustainability. Not only do they develop new projects, they also take care of the sustainability aspect inside the workplace. Separating waste, saving energy, promoting reusable lunch boxes and hybrid working are just a few examples of internal sustainability.

Travelife Certification

In 2021, Nordic received the Travelife Partner Certificate. Travelife is the international sustainability certification for the tourism sector. To receive this title, a company must fulfil more than 100 criteria. However, sustainability is a long process, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better. This way, we can bring many more travellers to the world’s most beautiful destinations in a socially and environmentally responsible way.