Our Story

The Story of Nordic Collection

In 1980 Harry van Lint started offering Norwegian log cabins on the Belgian market. When IT student Maarten Raes knocked on his door in 2004 because he was interested in an adventure in Norway, he did not expect it to change his life.

He saw a company with a unique personal approach and a high level of expertise and knew immediately: this is what I want too!


In 2004, Maarten Raes, then working as an IT professional, planted the seed for what would later grow into the travel organisation Nordic. During a conversation with Harry van Lint, the then owner of Norway Info, he was so impressed by the personal and professional approach of this small company that he knew: I want that too.

2008 – 2009

In 2008, he seized the opportunity and bought Harry’s company. The name was changed to Nordic Info and in 2009 already Maarten and his wife Katia started to expand the company. Next to Norwegian log cabins, hotels in Norway are added to the offer. Throughout this time, Maarten and Katia continue to work as IT professionals and in education.


The year 2012 marked the acquisition of Bureau Scandinavia, an expansion to seven employees and another name change: from now on, the company will continue to operate under the name Nordic. Maarten and Katia are now both fully employed at Nordic and said goodbye to their old jobs.

2012 – 2017

The following years are defined by growth, the move to an office in Londerzeel, Belgium and investments in Scandinavian projects such as the Northern Lights Ranch and the Arctic Bath.


The two Belgian market leaders for trips to the High North, Xplore the North and Nordic, decide to join forces in April 2018. This merger means that even more brands will coexist: Wild Alaska, Canada Travel Designers and Atacama will become Nordic’s new sister brands in Belgium.


As Ireland and Scotland fit perfectly into the picture of unique nature trips, but are not part of the High North, the brand Galtic was created at the beginning of 2021. Here trips to the Anglo-Celtic islands are offered.


2021 proved to be a turbulent year for Nordic. As well as the launch of Galtic, the first Nordic office across the Belgian border was opened in the Netherlands, and in October MyHimalaya was added to the impressive list of brands.


Nordic is already the Scandinavia specialist on the Belgian and Dutch markets, but in 2022 the tour operator is expanding further. Nordic is now active on the German market! Additionally Nordic took over the small Belgian tour operator FLY and BiKE, that offers interesting bike tours throughout America, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.


The growth doesn’t stop here. In 2023, Nordic Collection achieves a significant milestone with the acquisition of the travel organization Beyond Borders. The Belgian company, offering adventurous vacations on all continents, is a great addition to the existing portfolio.


Another great acquisition follows: The Dutch companies Askja Reizen and VNC Asia Travel are now part of the Nordic Collection family! The DNA of these companies is the same as ours: unique travel experiences in pristine destinations, customer satisfaction and high-quality service take the centre stage here. The Icelandic company Go North is also being acquired. This company will continue to be managed as an independent unit.