Several travel companies join forces in the Nordic Collection

Press Release
Londerzeel, Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Nordic, the travel organization known for summer and winter travel to Scandinavia, is launching the new brand “Nordic Collection. Under this umbrella name are six different travel companies: Nordic, Galtic, Canada Travel Designers, Wild Alaska, Atacama and MyHimalaya. With a brand new website and the announcement of road shows, all six travel organizations are joining forces.

Started as niche travel organization

Nordic, the travel company behind the creation of Nordic Collection, was initially a small-scale travel company. When Maarten Raes took over the niche company “Norway Info,” the focus was exclusively on one destination. What started as an improvised office in the living room soon grew: collaborations with local partners were established, other destinations in Scandinavia were added to the offer, with the acquisition of Bureau Scandinavia employees joined and a first office opened its doors. The company continued under the name “Nordic”.

Growing into travel to 5 continents

In 2018, Nordic merged with Xplore the North. Thanks to that merge, both summer and winter travel to Scandinavia became possible with the same brand. Nordic grew to become the Scandinavia specialist in Belgium thanks to the varied offer and expert knowledge of its employees. Through a number of acquisitions and the launch of new brands, the offer was expanded worldwide. Besides the High North (Nordic) and Scotland and Ireland (Galtic), Nordic’s sister brands also take you far beyond the European continent: to North America with Canada Travel Designers and Wild Alaska, to South America with Atacama, to Arctic destinations (expedition travel with Nordic) and to Asia (MyHimalaya).

Maarten Raes, CEO and founder of Nordic: “From the start, I was convinced that we had to specialize in one destination. Today Nordic is the specialist in summer and winter travel to the High North. With different destination teams, made up of Travel Designers who know “their” destinations through and through, we can still guarantee the values that were so important when Nordic was founded: a specialized approach, excellent quality of programs, authentic products and high customer service. With the Nordic Collection umbrella brand, we extend those values to 6 different travel companies.”

Shared vision

The six different travel organizations may belong to one entity, yet they are very different from one another. Although a common thread can be discerned: they all offer travelers authentic experiences, with nature as their main focus. The travel organizations also share values: great importance is attached to specialization, authenticity, sincerity and a personal approach. So choosing an umbrella brand name, Nordic Collection, with its own website was a logical step. All information applicable to the different brands is bundled on the website

Toon Teugels, Brand Manager Nordic Collection: “All six brands that are part of Nordic Collection have their own character, which is why we choose to market the different travel companies separately. What the travel companies do have in common is the passion and expertise of the teams behind them. By joining forces under one umbrella, the different travel organizations can remain true to their small-scale character, but with the financial security and stability of an established player on the Belgian and Dutch market.”

On the Road

Since the different travel companies will from now on be under one umbrella brand, this strength can be used to introduce travelers to the different destinations. This is why Nordic Collection Roadshows are being organized: in four different Flemish cities, potential travelers get to know the destinations and organizations through inspiring information sessions. The Roadshows will stop in Ghent (Feb. 15 2022), Hasselt (Feb. 16 2022), Mechelen (Feb. 23 2022) and Bruges (Feb. 24 2022). You can register via the Nordic Collection website.